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Flame FX

The Stage Flame is a device specifically designed for producing flames on stage. 

The Stage Flame is intended solely to be placed on a flat surface or stage and produce brief upward flame effects (fireballs).

The Stage Flame is DMX controllable. One address is used as a safety channel and one address for the flame. A third address is used for the big flame mode.

The Stage Flame can use approved aerosol cans (with screw-thread connector) and/ or external propane gas bottles 

The Stage Flame can be used with approved aerosol cans and propane gas bottles. The Stage Flame also has a large flame mode where both aerosol can and gas bottle are used at the same time.

  • AEROSOL CAN: Flame height approximately three meters high
  • GAS BOTTLE: Flame height approximately three to four meters high
  • BIG-FLAME (AEROSOL CAN + GAS BOTTLE): Flame height approximately six meters high

Should you use the equipment in any way other than just described then you release Twisted vision from all liability.

stage flame
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